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DPS Rep Saves Life in Telluride Avalanche

Some of you may have spoken at one time or another to DPS western rep Rob Liberman who bases out of Telluride. He also works the spring up in Haines, AK as a heli-guide. Well, Rob seemed to have been in the right place at the right time for a Colorado skier who got caught in a major avalanche and was seriously injured. One day before leaving for AK for the Alaska season, Rob and a friend heard a major rumbling, the slide, then went to inspect it. It was big. Rob and friend both went right to their transceivers. In his search, on the lower slope, Rob saw a glove, and started digging. He found a totally submerged and unconscious skier. Rob was about to start CPR when the skier, Eric Zuaro, opened his eyes. Zuaro ended up being air-lifted out with serious injuries, many broken bones, and can most likely thank Rob for saving his life...Big ups, Rob! Read more in the Telluride Daily Planet