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The 15/16 Quiver

The last decade at DPS has marked an evolution in shaping philosophy, materials, conceptual thinking, and the opening of our Salt Lake City ski factory. All of these forces have synergized into the 15/16 quiver—our most advanced and complete ski offering to date. With the introduction of our new touring-specific line Tour1, our tenth year is a milestone where the most dedicated skier can now choose a Shape and then match it with one of four unique class-leading Constructions. The plethora of Shape + Construction selections has been a longstanding hallmark at DPS. Skiers can delve into the finer points of a ski’s shape, flex patterns, and how unique material layups interact with body and mountain towards honing-in on their ideal Shape + Construction. Those that have skiing constantly pulsing through their veins will appreciate the DPS 15/16 quiver as the most comprehensive ski offering on the snowy planet. 1516 Quiver Blog Support1 Over the past few seasons, we have worked diligently to fill-in specific shaping gaps, which meant a developmental focus on bringing excellence to the Cassiar family. The reviews are in. We are proud to offer some of the most exciting resort and firmer snow oriented boards available today. Of course, R+D in the mixed snow category, and in the powder realm (where our name is synonymous with innovation), is constant and represents incessant tweaking and technical perfectionism. 1516 Quiver Blog Support2 With the introduction Tour1, our first touring-specific layup, the construction triangle is complete. Each DPS construction offers a unique build providing skiers a distinct on-snow feel in terms of bio- feedback, dampening, and power expressed through edge-grip, rebound and weight. And for skiers shopping exclusively by price, each construction offers tiered entries into the DPS realm. Tour1Blog Support Part of being a skier is a lifelong journey towards understanding the relationship with the boards under your feet. Over time, and with experimentation, you gradually learn how different materials and design elements lead to different performance characteristics. For example, how a subtle tweak in a flex pattern or a rocker line can affect a turn shape in certain conditions. This technical immersion is part of the adventure and lifestyle of skiing. Understanding how shapes and constructions work with each other, and your own skiing style, is ultimately a strong sign that you are immersed and on the path. Shop the entire DPS 15/16 Quiver today on, or at participating dealers worldwide.