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DPS on Teton Pass

Wish I had pics of big hucks, deep snow, and exposed lines to put up here but things like that just aren't in play yet here in Jackson. We've had a nice long early season, but dry spells, inversions and a touchy snow-pack have kept a lot of us out of some of the bigger terrain around here. Things have been a blast though with a big cycle of new snow over the holidays that finally filled in a lot of spots on Teton Pass:

Here's a before shot on my 138's:

138's looking down on Glory Bowl


And here's the after thanks to Tim Cartwright:

glory bowl pow

Here's a black and white from First Turn thanks to Patrick Nelson:

First turn BW

As I type this our forecast is looking great for snowfall later in the week so hopefully I'll get some better updates in here soon. With our touchy snow-pack though we'll see how things turn out. On related note longtime patroller Mark “Big Wally” Wolling sadly lost his life after a slide during routine control work at the village last week. For more info or to send any condolences click here http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=53443119696&ref=nf