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DPS Nori Pole Review

The DPS Nori Pole is new for the 11/12 season, and it continues to get positive reviews from customers and the ski media alike. A recent review by Blister Gear Review tested the Nori Pole extensively in diverse places like Taos (NM), Alta (UT), Niseko (Japan), and A-Basin (CO). The result was a strong review, with an excerpt here:
I consider the Nori every bit as durable as my old Scotts (if not more), yet the poles are much lighter and far more versatile. They’re also great looking, especially if you appreciate good composite designs, and they are probably the finest piece of G.N.A.R. cornice pole-whacking equipment ever created. If you’re in the market for a performance backcountry pole, but want something that’s just as durable as any full aluminum freeride stick, the Nori is it.
Read Blister's full review of the DPS Nori Pole here. You can buy the Nori pole here.