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DPS' Jon Larsson on Freeskier's Cover

DPS' Jon Larsson shreds his way on to the cover of Freeskier's 2012 Photo Annual on Lotus 120's. Shot in Pemberton, BC last spring, the shot came together when the heli took a last-minute spin getting photographer Oskar Enander in the right place, at the right time to catch Jon charging beneath to the exit cliff. Oskar explains how the shot took place in his own words:
I got this shot of Jon Larsson on a Peak Performance catalog shoot in Pemberton, BC. Jon and I had been skiing and shooting with the rest of the crew for about three weeks, and our trip was almost over. Up until then, we had been doing sled skiing and some cat skiing because the weather didn't allow us to fly with the heli. On the second to last day, we got the call that the heli was on. We shot this face in the afternoon following a really good morning. The face was way bigger than we expected, so they filmed and I decided to shoot from the heli to get closer to the action. Jon dropped in and skied fast and aggressively. We were shooting kind of straight on, descending slowly, but at the end of the line we let Jon pass under us. The heli spun around, looking down the line, and that's how I got this shot.
Nice teamwork for both Jon and Oskar...Check out the images from Freeskier below.