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Dreams of Coldsmoke—Dreamtime ‘14 Film Short

Summer is a skier’s season to dream. It’s also the season of DPS’ birth: the ideas that drive the brand were nurtured while hunkered down in large storms and on pow-chasing missions in South America. Summer is also the time when skiers wallow in heat, and work hard to save enough money to take the next season off to travel and ski. For some, it’s the time to dream of your perfect quiver, and indulge in heat-induced daydreams of cold smoke. For Dreamtime '14, the  doorman returns. Watch how heat-induced daydreams of South American cold smoke take hold, as he toils through mid-summer heat.  And don't forget to shop Dreamtime, the only time DPS skis are discounted for the 14/15 season, and your chance to take advantage of an array of special release models and one-time offers. Contact DPS if you need help or have any questions: info@dpsskis.com, +1.801.413.1737.