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DPS Cinematic Presents: Whitewash

The creative vision for DPS Cinematic germinated a few years ago when DPS founder Stephan Drake and cinematographer Ben Sturgulewski filmed together in Alaska for the making of ‘Last Light’, and then later in ‘Solitaire’. Fast-forward to 2014, and DPS Cinematic, in association with Gore and Outdoor Research, are proud to announce the second release from the 14/15 ‘The Shadow Campaign’ series. ‘Whitewash’ transports you to Mt. Baker and the PNW at its finest, as the DPS Koalas materialized for the deepest storm cycle of last season, skiing five consecutive days in a white, woodland paradise. Enjoy. DPScinematic_whitewash_blogBody2 DPScinematic_whitewash_blogBody1 DPS_Cinematic_SponsorLogos