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Don Chico is on Fire

It's time to formally introduce, my main man, hailing from the year 2006, Don Chico. 

He's a new addition to the team this year. He was acquired from the Canadian Leagues- brought up to batt clean up with his four-stroke 280 hp turbo-charged engine (A considerable 130 hp jump over my previous steed- sorry Nelly!). He's a heavy hitter for sure.  So heavy that he can only be lifted with two people at the rails. The extra cheeseburgers don't slow this beast though- he loves to go uphill in deep snow, and that's what we need to get things done up here in the Hamlet. 
Don Chicho in White, ready to be unleashed:
So far, I have only experienced Don Chico's true talents for 20 minutes of waist deep powder ecstasy on the river.  Once upon a time, sleds for us started us pure access tools- ski lifts designed to get us into remote zones and occasionally bring us to the top when it made sense. Straight up though, they are fun, fun, fun machines in powder. Fun for 20 minutes. Then Don Chico caught on fire. Here's a perspective from Mark's helmet camera: