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Cold Snap #1

There's that temperature, somewhere around 5 degrees Fahrenheit, where it's just not that fun to be moving around outside. Sure, you can get warm enough with bulky clothes, and tons of down, but then you can't really move. You becoming a walking Teletubby.

It's been cold here recently, and it reminds me of our trip up the Alcan Highway two years ago, where temperatures hit -40 Celcius, and your shorts froze after being outside for 30 seconds. 
It's the kind of debilitating cold that stills all the senses, and numbs the mind about 30 IQ points. Motivation and cognition come to a grinding halt- good training anyway. 
When Mark is donning the full who Killed Kenny Jacket, you know it's damn cold. On my first day in the Hamlet, the skies where clear, the wind calm, and the air bitter. We did a brief afternoon out on the river testing sleds, and doing some camera checks. 
Mark in full Kenny garb, wishing hew was about a quarter of a mile ahead, and in the sun:
Here's a self portrait, before proceeding to freezing my ass off. Warmer temps and snow in the Forecast for tomorrow!