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Checking in from Jackson...kinda

I've been lucky enough to be given this space to update anyone and everyone on what's going on in Jackson. So I'd love to start this off with an epic post about the conditions in Jackson lately. But as of last weekend things were a bit so so up here in this remote corner of Wyoming. Good snow was still kinda easy to find, but while we picked up a inch here and there Utah was getting hammered pretty consistently all week. Which made for a pretty easy decision to get the hell out of dodge and head south to Little Cottonwood Canyon. Saturday was a full on storm day full of chest deep blower, flat light, and steep shots at Snowbird, but luckily the skies cleared for us on Sunday so we made our way a few ridges over to Alta. With the help of a couple great local tour guides we made our way out to Rocky Point and started chucking ourselves off everything in sight:



Needless to say the rocker 3 138's are stomping machines. The combination of pronounced tip rocker and a relatively flat tail make landing in three to six feet of Utah blower pretty effortless. Hopefully if things turn out tomorrow I'll have a real update from Jackson, since winter has finally returned up here with 2 feet of new snow and bluebird skies predicted for tomorrow. If you have the time check out Julie is a killer Jackson based photographer who between shooting photos and chasing storms also manages to rip pretty hard when she gets the time to ski.