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The Cassiar Family: Hard Snow + Frontside Tools of Choice

In the circles of dedicated skiers DPS is synonymous with the most advanced powder shapes. We’re admittedly obsessed with creating special tools for those universe-bending moments at the top of the experiential snow pyramid, but we care equally about tools that are the work horse of your quiver ; skiing day in and day out in mixed and firm snow conditions. Ultimately, long hours spent training and skiing narrower shapes allow one to drive a spooned Lotus family ski with supreme confidence on a big day. Since 2005, the Cassiar family has been central to our mission, as has hard snow skiing. Granted, hard snow is the bottom of the pyramid conditions-wise, but it’s absolutely central to a skier’s technical foundation. And a day skiing hard snow feels good no matter how bad the conditions; it’s intrinsically soul warming. For years, our Cassiar line has thrived with rippers who know. The Cassiar 80 claimed the Gold Medal in Ski Magazine’s carving/frontside category, with similar annual honors from Skiing to Powder Magazine.  “I’m convinced that DPS’ Cassiar 85 is a game changer; it’s a frontside Ferrari.” — Gov Carrigan, Pepi Steigler Sports, Jackson Hole. We’ve always possessed the technology to build world-class hard snow skis. Our carbon skis have more torsional stiffness and electricity than the metal laminate skis currently used on the World Cup. For 2014-15, we’re infusing new energy into the Cassiar  family with deeper development across the line. We’ve added a new shape—the Cassiar 95 —and diversified the construction offerings. Pure3 has transformed the entire Cassiar  family into powerful weapons that are now friendlier off-edge, while maintaining all the distinctive carbon power and snap onhard snow. We’ve also added the exciting new Hybrid T2  construction to the Cassiar 85—giving skiers a more traditional race room Titanal option mated with DPS’ renowned shaping. “For DPS to produce a ski that turns and initiates better than any slalom race board I've been able to test to date is quite a phenomenal accomplishment. This is absolutely the perfect ski for a resort style skier: East or West.” — Brian Finch, New England Master’s Ski Champion, on the Cassiar 85. Have confidence. Don’t be afraid to enter the tramline with a pair of Cassiar’s when the snow isn’t all-time. The freeride bros might quietly judge your narrower skis, while looking hip with boards that are far too wide for the conditions. They might make ugly turns and straight-line groomers, but you’ll be skiing technically, making clean carves all over the mountain—ultimately towards a lifelong technical immersion that prepares you for monster storms and mindblowing surfing on the bigger shapes. Meet the Cassiar Family Cassiar 95 The Cassiar 95 is the floatiest member of the Cassiar family and an amazing flat-tailed choice for everyday frontside excellence as well as springtime backcountry duty. Learn more… Cassiar 85 Every skier’s quiver needs a dedicated frontside tool. Redesigned on a wider platform, the new Cassiar 85 builds on the award-winning Cassiar family legacy. Learn more…  Cassiar 80SL If we weren’t as obsessed with deep snow, we would push the Cassiar 80SL onto the World Cup – it’s a high tech Ferrariesque tool that provides new levels of power on hard snow. Lead more… DPS_Cassiar80SL Learn more about the Cassiar family on, get a custom ski fitting from our staff, or visit any of DPS’ hundreds of dealers worldwide.