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Buenos Aires Dispatch

On the road to Las Leñas for three weeks of filming with the gents from Sweetgrass Productions. DPS has many roots in Las Leñas. I spent the better part of almost eight seasons cutting my big mountain chops there, but haven't been back in nearly six years due to ski company duties. More to come on that in subsequent posts. 

As Las Leñas veterans know, it's quite a trek to get there from the Northern Hemisphere. I had planned on catching the overnight bus from Buenos Aires on the day i arrived, but upon arriving at the big station found out that the bus ticket sellers were on strike. The bus station features seemingly endless stalls of ticket booths, and on this day, many of the windows were blanked by computer paper taped to the glass, signifying the strike.  For me, it meant an extra night in the city before the long bus ride to the mountains. 

Fernet is rare in America, but the driving force of the Argentine night. I was happy to see it again.  My homage to Branca:


Friends on the Road. Ryan, a traveling skier from the East Coast was on my bus from the airport and needed some help navigating Buenos Aires. He also fell victim to the bus strike, so we made our way to a hostel in the Palermo district. 

Some better than average graffiti:


If you are coming this way, the International Cat Show is probably not to be missed:

You couldn't get away with this long term parking job in New York City, even in the name of Art: