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Blister Gear Review - Wailer 105 T2

Blister Gear Review is known for publishing extensive product reviews. For those who desire and appreciate a detailed look under the hood, BGR does just that. Last season, Jonathan Ellsworth, Founder and Editor of Blister spent half of the winter testing the new DPS Wailer 105 T2. His thoughts on the ski and new Hybrid T2 construction: "DPS now stands out as offering three clear and coherent product lines [Pure3, Hybrid, Hybrid T2]. This is a really good development, and a really good thing for all types of skiers… The new Wailer 105 Hybrid T2 is a very good all-mountain ski that will be most appreciated by physically strong skiers who like to ski hard and fast.” For the full review, click here. Shop the Wailer 105 and our complete 14/15 quiver on today, or at dealers worldwide.