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Binding Mounting Arrives on

DPS is pleased to announce that starting on Dreamtime we will now offer binding mounting services for North American customers who buy skis and bindings together on A buyer can shop our full quiver online and then select the right binding to complement their skis and skiing style. The DPS binding philosophy is clear: we only stock bindings that we endorse—and use ourselves. These are the right tools for the world’s most advanced skis. Simply follow a few easy steps on, and we’ll ship your skis mounted with your chosen bindings. You’ll be one step closer to hitting the ground sliding: saving you time, hassle, and money. And for Dreamtime we’re offering free shipping on any order that combines skis and bindings. If you need help selecting the perfect skis and bindings for you, never hesitate to contact our expert fitting staff directly at or by calling +1.801.413.1737. We’re here to get you dialed so you can get the most out of your craft. Dreamtime orders that combine skis and bindings receive free shipping worldwide. 14/15 Bindings Include
  • Look Pivot 14 and 18
  • Look XM13 and 16
  • Look PX 12
  • Salomon STH2
  • Dynafit Radical
  • Dynafit Beast 16
  • 22 Designs AXL and Vice