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Beyond CloudMachine

DPS founder Stephan Drake, is an athlete/ambassador for clothing company, Patagonia. Last year Patagonia launched their award winning Tin Shed website.  It's a virtual tour of the Ventura, CA shack in which the iconic brand was started. Inside the shed, you'll spot a pair of Wailer 105's, and if you click on them, you can watch a 6 minute short entitled, Beyond CloudMachine. The film is a quick glimpse into three seasons of exploratory trips along the Alaskan/Candian border. Drake, Oskar Enander, and Mark Smith have pioneered previously un-skied zones in the Chilkat mountains, and Cloudmachine is a named high pass that yields direct access to the next frontier on their maps: an ice-capped mega zone of interconnected glaciers laced with phenomenal descents.  Beyond Cloudmachine features  tunes by The Thievery Corporation, and the skiing of Stephan Drake, Seb Garhammar, and Jon Larsson.

Cloud Machine from DPS SKIS on Vimeo.