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Adjusting our Carbon Footprint: Testing 13/14 skis at Copper Mountain

Last week select DPS crew members visited Colorado’s Copper Mountain, and tested new variations/designs of the signature Pure Carbon+Nano construction. The group consisted of DPS founder, Stephan Drake, Director of Engineering, Peter Turner; along with Mike Cannon, Tyson Titensor, and Erme Catino. The trip offered valuable feedback as Turner presented 14 different skis, named after pizza toppings, all of which were 192cm Wailer 99's with varying construction variations. What ensued was both productive and entertaining as the group made hot laps on great early season conditions. DPS designs and engineers the world’s most advanced ski, however, the quest for the perfect ski (and turn) is forever evolving—and keeps us chasing storms each season. These two days at Copper were a harbinger of the continued ski evolution that sits on the horizon. Drake summed up the current development timeline, “our first years of technological development were committed to cracking the significant riddle that is the carbon ski. We are now engrossed in the refinement of the last 15 percent that makes up a ski’s performance–ultimate ride quality and biofeedback. It’s a really exciting process that’s going to result in some truly fun, transformative skis.” [caption id="attachment_1431" align="aligncenter" width="560" caption="Stephan Drake testing the "pepperoni" on the white ribbon"][/caption]