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A New Climate Change Report

It's a scary reality but things may not be looking too hopeful for future skiers and snowriders. Imagine a time, perhaps not too far from now, when our own children or grandchildren will not be able to ski or snowboard as a consequence of a lack of snow due to global warming. This is what is hinted in a new study released by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The crux of the report is the assertion by its authors that we've reached a point of "no return" and that changes in surface temperatures, sea level, and rain is practically irreversible for the next 1,000 years based on our C02 emissions. In one word: scary. read more here. Such climate modeling has demonstrated that ski resorts like *Aspen* or *Jackson Hole* by 2100 will resemble the climate of *El Paso, Texas*. Friends, that's only 90 years from now. Enjoy it while you can, or better yet, do you part to save it while you can.