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The DPS Catalog: 15/16

The 2015-16 season has fully arrived with lifts now spinning around the globe. The 2015/16 season marks DPS’ 10th Anniversary. Time flies when you’re building skis. The annual DPS catalog has been a long-standing tradition at DPS. It’s hard not to favor print over digital when an image can better come to life and crisper stories can be told. The 10th Anniversary catalog is our biggest and boldest edition yet. Sign up here to receive future print catalogs. THE DPS CATALOG BLOG CONTENT1516 dropshadow The DPS 10th Anniversary catalog is available for all to view. READ THE DPS CATALOG HERE Inside its pages, amidst some of the best ski photography in the world, you’ll find the following features:
  • 10th Anniversary essay by DPS founder, Stephan Drake.
  • Ten-year historical timeline—milestones and achievements.
  • A feature on DPS Cinematic, the film wing of DPS.
  • The 15/16 DPS Quiver, unveiled.
  • An essay on the birth of Tour1, DPS’ class-leading touring construction.
  • Spotlight on Powderworks; limited-run R&D creations.
  • Retrospective on The Powder Road trip and coffee table book.
  • Photography by leading-photographer and DPS friend, Oskar Enander.
  • In memoriam: Rodman Drake and Rob Liberman.
Peruse the pages of the DPS Anniversary catalog, in it we hope you find inspiration and a reason to dream. Don’t hesitate to contact DPS with questions or to get a custom ski fitting on the phone or via email, or for a dealer referral to the finest shops in the world