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Dreamtime Special Edition Skis

Besides the beneficial and exclusive once per year discount on all 13/14 DPS skis, Dreamtime is the only chance to buy Special Edition skis. Special Edition skis are offered in limited quantities and sellout quickly during Dreamtime. They are only available in Pure3 construction. Act decisively, and get yours during Dreamtime. For 2013, DPS Dreamtime feature four Special Edition models listed below: Spoon: Chamonix White/Blue, Special Edition. SOLD OUT (standard graphic available). Lotus 138 Spoon: Canopy Green/Purple, Special Edition. Lotus 120 Spoon: Panther Pink/Gray, Special Edition. Wailer RPC: Marrakech Red, Special Edition. Dreamtime runs July 16-August 1. If you are a customer interested in placing a Dreamtime order, you can purchase online direct from dpsskis.com, or through participating DPS Dreamtime dealers. If you have questions about ski fitting, or anything pertaining to Dreamtime, please contact na@dpsskis.com