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1-3 Inches and Cloudy

While Tahoe gets the storm of the century the Teton area was supposed to get a measly 1-3 inches on Monday with clouds and a possible 1-3 more in the forecast on Tuesday day. Needless to say were less than enthused with the forecast but decided a lap on Glory might be worth checking out on Tuesday morning in the name of "getting the hell out there and seeing what it's like". And what it was like was awesome. We got a bit more snow than forecasted overnight (maybe 6-8"), little to no wind, and once we got ready to drop in Glory Bowl the clouds parted and the sun strarted shining. With not enough snow to really mess up our tender snowpack we got to make some big fast turns down the gut of Glory and play on some of the features further down on the way to the road. I was glad to have my 200 120's on my feet they're custom built for wide open terrain like Glory Bowl and kept me afloat in our new snow. 

After skiing the gut we cut out skiers right under the cliff band (which should be in play soon if our snowpack doesn't get too sketchy again) and found some nice sheltered snow:

Here's a shot of my buddy Mark Hager. He's not on DPS but I figured anyone looking here would appreciate some face shot stoke. Mark works at Pepi Stiegler's in the Village which has a full set of DPS demo skis available all the time that I'm sure he'd be happy to send you out on (unless he gets them first):

(thanks again to Patrick Nelson for the photos)