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Main: Lotus 138 Race Bases
Main: Lotus 138 Rocker Line
  • Main: Lotus 138 Race Bases
  • Main: Lotus 138 Rocker Line
Lotus 138 SPOON PURE3


Nine seasons of Alaskan R+D, but comfortably at home in the Wasatch, Tetons, or Alps, the Lotus 138 was the first rockered ski with sidecut ever built. The Lotus 138 incorporates the benefits of Spoon Technology that features a spooned convex shovel along with a new flex profile. The already iconic shape combines carbon’s power and precision with featherweight lightness in an unrivaled concoction bred for those who live for the art of riding deep snow.

Please note: Spoon Technology is available in Pure3 construction models only.



Product Details


Pure3 Construction

Sizes: 182cm / 192cm 

Dimensions: 147/138/143

Turning Radius: Unconventional / Not Available

Weight: 2250 grams per ski

Tip Rocker Length: 1080 mm

Tail Rocker Length: 840 mm

Running Length: Unconventional / Not Available

Made in the U.S.A at the DPS Factory Utah


Customer Reviews

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great job!
Posted on 2/12/16
Im writing you to say GREAT JOB !!!!!. The skis arrived on time to the my hotel with a great packaging and and interesting Photo book describing a great adventure of Stephan Drake.
Regarding the skis, they started my ski journey with a great day of powder. My first day in Revelstoke were under heavy snow falling down. After hiking a little, I went to a great powder bowl to give them the first downhill on the snow where they hope to excel. They did, great turns, smooth, medium turns at medium speed. On the other hand, after skiing in bowls I went to the trees to see how do they turn in tight places. Im not a pro skier, even though a specialist skiing in the woods, but they were incredible maneuverable.
Regarding on Piste behavior,, you can see in the video how well they go ( Top of the Stoke Chair up to the base) . They are not very friendly on piste very early, the hard snow is not their specialty but they even hold reasonably and, after the sun worked a little bit , they turned into awesome tools.
Against them, not the price, they worth each dollar I paid, but the worst thing is that my wife wanted a pair of DPS too and I had to buy a pair of Ivett with Dynafit bindings + Aercteryx Jackets and Pants. I provoked a big hole in my pocket.
Thank you Guys, very professional service & product. My congratulations to all of you and I hope to have great winter here in Las Leñas this next August to continue testing them.
Pablo Federico Ricau
Age: 52 years old
Expert Skier
San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Written by pablo
A ski that will make you wish for more pow days.
Posted on 1/29/16
I skied the 192 pure 3 for a month at Breckenridge last season in EVERY condition and it held it's own with a 260 lbs rider on it. There is no way to describe how much more fun having the spoon tip is in powder but every day you're without it, is a day you'll come to regret you didn't.

Hands down, the best pow ski I've been on in 40 years of skiing powder.
Written by Cap'n Kev

Lotus 138 Review from Powder Magazine

“The Lotus 138 is built for high-speed surfy pow riding, with the hardest race base available, insanely lightweight construction (if you splurge for the pure carbon+nano version), and long tip rocker and pintail shape. The 138, in short, is built for pow—specifically hauling down Alaskan faces while remaining nimble enough to change direction in an instant. Even at 192cm, the Lotus 138 can whip turns quick enough for tight trees or big mountain lines. It even comes in a 1990-esque 202cm length. So sell the house, pick up some 138’s, and head to AK—your GoPro will be very happy.” 

 Lotus 138 Review from Blister Gear Review

“Not so long ago, DPS was the new kid on the block, and the Lotus 138 was one of the freshest innovations in the world of powder skiing. Now, the Lotus 138 is more like the grandfather of modern design. It’s been around for a while, and while DPS has continued to tweak the construction materials, sidecut profiles, and amount of splay, the ski maintains its unmistakable, iconic look. For their 2012-2013 model, however, DPS completely rethought the Lotus 138 from the ground up, regarded nothing as sacred about its design, and after major deliberation…decided just to throw a snowflake on the top sheet. So what’s the takeaway here? DPS believes that the Lotus 138 is dialed.” 

Lotus 138 Review from Teton Gravity Research

"These are hands down the best skis I’ve ever ridden. In pow they are a dream, they’ll make any turn, and cannot be sunk. I feel that chewed up crud is where they really shine, they truck over everything and are so confidence inspiring." 

Product Video

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I elect to participate in such activities using the Equipment despite the inherent and unknown risks and the possibility of injuries and death described above. I accept and assume full responsibility for ALL RISKS associated with such activities, including injury and death associated with the use of the Equipment. My participation in such activities using any items of the Equipment is purely voluntary and I have not been coerced or forced into participating.

With respect to the Equipment, I understand that the ski-boot-binding system is designed to release the boot from the ski when certain forces on the system reach preset values, but that the binding MAY NOT NECESSARILY RELEASE OR RETAIN THE SKI at all times where release or retention may prevent injury, and that RELEASE OR RETENTION CANNOT NECESSARILY PREVENT ALL INJURIES OR DEATH. I understand and agree that: (A) lower settings on the bindings will increase releasability but also increase the risk of injury that may be caused by inadvertent release of the ski; (B) higher settings on the bindings will increase retention but also increase the risk of injury that may be caused by retention; and (C) injuries due to unwanted release or retention of the ski are inherent risks of skiing.

I understand and agree that certain risk of skiing and snowboarding may be reduced, but not entirely eliminated, by: (A) taking lessons; (B) following the “YOUR RESPONSIBILITY CODE” which is posted at most winter sport recreational areas, and (C) using reasonable care and common sense. I further understand that a leash or other runaway prevention system is required with all skis and snowboards at all times, including while riding lifts and while carrying snowboards on or near a slope, in order to reduce the risk of injury to others.

I understand and agree that I will be responsible for all injuries to others caused by the use of any item of the Equipment by me or any other person. I will be responsible for all damage to the property of others or injuries or death to others resulting from the use of any item of the Equipment by me or any other person.

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I hereby further agree that I WILL HOLD HARMLESS, DEFEND AND INDEMNIFY SUCH PARTIES if any claims, suits, causes of action or other legal action is pursued by any third parties against them for any injuries, damages or death related to the use of any item of the Equipment by me or any other person.

I accept the Equipment “AS IS” and with NO WARRANTIES, express or implied, beyond the applicable manufacturer's written limited warranty, if any.

This document is a LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACT which supersedes any other agreements by or between the parties, and which constitutes the FINAL AND ENTIRE AGREEMENT regarding this transaction and this equipment. This document is intended to provide a COMPREHENSIVE RELEASE OF ALL LIABILITY which is binding upon and for the benefit of all parties, their heirs, agents and assigns, but it is not intended to assert any claims or defenses that are prohibited by law. If any part of this agreement is held to be invalid or unenforceable the remainder shall be given full force and effect. The specific legal rights of the parties may vary among different states and provinces.

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