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Incorporating maximum versatility into a 120mm class powder shape was the design mandate with the new Pure3 version of the Lotus 124. It’s a fresh blend of planing performance and mixed snow comfort that features a more forward mount than any previous Lotus. The new architecture is mated with a flex pattern and sidecut built specifically to engage and navigate less than bottomless conditions, while still providing tremendous float and planing abilities in the truly deep.


Product Details

SHAPING: 149/124/136


WEIGHT: 1935g per ski average weight @ 185cm

Customer Reviews

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Must shred this ski
Posted on 8/2/16
Skiman only skis the best skis. This is the best powder ski. Therefore, Skiman will ski it this winter on deep powder days at Revelstoke. Skiman needs a powder ski that holds high speeds, but is more maneuverable in the trees. Skiman uses 191cm length and has used Rossi Squad7 for last 4 years. Skiman also has DPS Wailer 112 for back country days. Lotus 124 is the perfect combination of those two skis and has brought a smile on Skiman's face. More reviews coming from Skiman.
Written by Skiman
Best powder tool I've been on
Posted on 7/17/16
I skied older generation 120 Pures for a number of seasons, and loved their performance as a backcountry ski. Also ski the 112's which I don't love as much, so I wondered if Id like the additional camber and sidecut of the 124. Had a full season on the blue prototypes last season, I quickly learned the additional sidecut still did not make these very friendly on hardpack, they're a bit of a beast in those conditions. It doesn't take much soft to turn these into nimble, quick turning skis.And in deep powder, they've changed my skiing considerably. I'm making much tighter turns down open bowls, and developed a much more aggressive up/down style, the flex of this ski is perfect for my weight and skiing style, propelling me from one turn to the next. To have a ski of this power, float, in a 8lb touring package is really great. When the snow flies, pretty exciting to know you're going to have a big day on your 124"s!
Written by Woolbury
Want a pair
Posted on 3/12/16
Need a pair
Written by Skimountaineer