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Main: Wailer 99 Rocker Line
  • Main: Wailer 99 Rocker Line


The Wailer 99 utilizes the Wailer 112RP2’s 3-D PaddleTech Geometry™— DPS’ original blend of rocker and variable sidecut. PaddleTech allows the skier to engage the Wailer 99’s slightly cambered 18m underfoot turn radius while arcing g-loaded carves on hard snow. In soft or mixed snow, the skier draws on the gradually rockered paddle. With elite Pure3 carbon goodness, the Wailer 99 exhibits the best on and off edge performance, and the ability to get creative on the most versatile 100mm underfoot package ever designed. 



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125/99/111 | Radius: 16-19m

168cm, 176cm, 184cm, 192cm

Pure3 @184cm: 1665g

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pure 176 99s
Posted on 2/12/16
By far and away the best skis I have ever skied. Unbelievable. I don't understand how a ski can ski so well at a resort on groomers and moguls and then ski deep powder like it does. Furthermore, I mounted the skis with dynafit bindingsand they compare in weight to any touring ski. They truly are the all purpose skis. I don't need to ski anything else.
Written by Mark
Posted on 2/12/16
Ok, so here is my review of the Wailer 99 Tour edition 176cm:

First of all I just want to say thank you for allowing me to test skis for DPS. It was a pleasure!!!

My background in skiing: Started skiing at age 2, I was a Div II ski racer in college back east - GS and Slalom. I have lived
and skied in UT for 25 years, pro patrolling at PCMR for 10 years and now working for
the Utah Avalanche Center. Needless to say, I have skied alot of days in alot of conditions.
I spend the majority of my time in the backcountry but also catch a few days on the groomers with my kids.
I love powder. I love groomers. I love corn. I love it all. There is never a bad day in the mountains!

So, as for the Wailer's. When I first opened the box, right off the bat I noticed the colors (orange/navy blue) and simple graphics, A+!
I like simple clean design and obviously the designer of this ski does too. The length seemed about right - 176cm - I'm 5'10", 145lbs.
I was a little skeptical of the width as I have grown accustomed to a fatter ski, but my doubt was quickly erased the first time out
in crud. It was like I was floating along not feeling a thing through all this chopped up days old "powder." Unreal. I have taken it touring
a bunch of times and the weight (or lack thereof) is a HUGE PLUS!! Sometimes I am hiking 3-4 hrs just to get in somewhere so having
less weight is critical. My body is way less worked after a day on these than on my old BD Justice's. I found them best in new snow
that was less than 8-10". More than that and I was starting to crave more float. Don't get me wrong, the skis did just fine and were fun, I
just had to concentrate a bit harder to keep the tips from diving when the snow got really deep. (The only condition where the ski wasn't as good
was in wind-affected snow - I think they were just a bit narrow to bash through so I got tossed around a bit.) Another huge bonus with the weight was the
ease of hop-turning or low swing weight. I felt comfortable making last second direction changes knowing the skis were right with me.
I took them to the resort to test them out on the crud and groomers and boy are they a blast. Fairly stable at high speeds and overall super fun to drop the hip
and carve a few race turns. I would love to have this ski for the corn season!

Skins worked fine - no problem. A few slips on the tail with its rounded edges but not worth adding a tail clip. My Dynafit speed radicals
seemed compatible. They seem like if taken care of they'd last a long time.

I don't know what more I can say about this ski other than if I could afford a quiver - this would be in it!
Written by Paige
Posted on 2/12/16
Finally got to test out my skis. 112RP Pure was fantastic in fresh and really railed on groomers, i was shocked. I find the guardian bindings much better than dukes aswell, so the whole combo worked perfectly for touring. Then the 99RP Hybrids are more of my resort ride and they are just a great ski in pretty much anything. My ski bag now looks like a mini DPS demo!
Anyway thanks for the help in selecting! i could not be happier with them.
Written by Dan
quick delivery!
Posted on 2/12/16
Was surprised to see the skis show up so quickly, Wednesday A.M. The bindings were mounted just right for my dynafit mercury boot and I was able to adjust them for my dynafit tlt5 boot. I've found the ski to be very easy and fun to be on in the spring conditions we've had this past week. I'm looking forward to a powder day!
Thanks for helping me get setup with a ski I believe I'll be enjoying for a long time.
Written by John
Posted on 2/12/16
Whoee! I skied the DPS again today in spring-hard-pack-turning-to-slush. I put in a hard day.
OBSERVATIONS: the Wailler needs to be skied hard; they are amazing in moguls; they cushion cruddy slush; they take more aggressive control than my 'sloppy" S3's; I'm working on a wider carving-stance; the Wailler is actually easier on my knees! What fun… I'm pleased!
Thanks for your help and accommodation!
Written by Jan
like butter
Posted on 2/12/16
Skied in 65 degree weather yesterday and fucking love those skis. They powered through the snow like it was butter. Thank you again for recommending them. They rock!

Hope you guys are well!
Written by Dude
great CS!
Posted on 2/12/16
I have specialized in customer loyalty/satisfaction work for about 7 years and am currently in customer insights at L.L.Bean. I have to say that the service and information you provide is incredible and even if I ended up not getting skis for the wife soon, the message that you make awesome gear and get folks in the right gear carries on. You probably know that but I thought I'd say it.
Have a good one.
Written by Howard

Wailer 99 Review from Powder Magazine

Featuring a shovel-style tip, with 460mm of tip rocker, the Wailer 99 can cruise over crud. But its springy tail, with 368mm of rocker, makes it pop like the best park ski on the planet. I mounted them with a pair of Dynafit radicals, effectively crowning them the World Champion in the Lightest Possible Setup category. Sans bindings, it weighs 1640g, which means you could mount a freight truck to them and they'd still be a featherweight. The Pure3 Hybrid contruction of fiber-glass, carbon, and bamboo doesn't diminish its ability to rip no matter where you take it.” 

 Wailer 99 Reviews from Backcountry Magazine

“Returning this year wearing DPS’s new Pure3 pre-preg carbon construction (like what’s used to make aircraft), the Wailer 99 remains a smooth, confident, easy-skiing bc companion. With deceptively narrow dimensions, the 99 floats as well as much larger skis due to a heavily rockered tip and tail. Testers called them “humble overachievers,” and “do-it-all bc workhorses.” One said they are “a blast in the tightest trees,” and still “more confident than me at high speeds.” Another called them “a Cadillac ride in anything remotely soft” and “surprisingly capable and predictable on hard snow.” The only complaints? Some testers commented that the carbon skis felt “hollow,” or got pushed around in tough snow. Almost everyone commented on the price: “Wish I could afford them.”

“Surfy, effortless turns in any kind of soft snow.” “A hero maker in the powder.” 

 Wailer 99 Reviews from Freeskier Magazine

“A repeat Editor’s Pick, the wailer 99 is based on the DPS Wailer 112RP, which is also a pick this year. That’s a whole lot of award-winning action in play. Down to brass tacks: The Wailer 99 was celebrated by testers for its ability to rock all around the frontside. “Super quick edge to edge,” said one. “Light, agile and fun… Pop off those tails!” Subtle rocker with metal inserts in the tips and tails keeps you in control over crud, adding to this skis’s versatile nature. At just 99 mm underfoot, the one thing testers craved was a bit more stability when landing cliffs and airs. 

“I spent the majority of my season skiing DPS' Wailer 112RP Hybrids and found them to be an unbelievable resort and sidecountry powder ski that's remarkably versatile nearly everywhere else. When Jackson Hole's snow report calls for something other than fresh powder, however, I typically find myself reaching into my quiver for a different type of ski. DPS' Wailer 99 Pure compliments the 112s perfectly in this regard. 

Wailer 99 Review from Teton Gravity Research

The ski's pure carbon-fiber construction made the steep Mount Glory bootpack noticeably more enjoyable (they're 30 percent lighter than a comparable fiberglass skis) and they rode great in corn conditions. If paired with Dynafit bindings, I imagine they'd make a dream backcountry ski. Compared with the 112s, the 99s are 13mm skinnier underfoot and have about half as much tip rocker and third as much tail rocker. This makes them a more aggressive ski in variable all-mountain terrain, like the spring conditions I found myself in on Teton Pass. They also would do well in a wide variety of terrain found both on-and off-piste at Jackson Hole. I can't wait to get back on a pair this winter.” 

Wailer 99 Review from Blister Gear Review

“The first thing you notice when picking up the Pure Wailer 99s is how incredibly light they are. My first thoughts were that these would be incredibly quick and effortless, and a ton of fun in the air. But then I also began to wonder (and worry) about the 99s stability at speed, dampness in chop, edge hold on hardpack, and even the durability of such a light ski. I have found the 99 to deliver all of the quickness and ease of a super light ski, while still being stout enough to handle the demands of skiing any part of the mountain as fast and as hard as you can. 

The Wailer 99s are lightning quick from side to side, and jumping from one turn to the next in tight spots or in moguls is incredibly easy. The skis like to be ridden balanced or driven, and the firm tails of the 99 will let you know when you’re not in the ideal position for any sport: on your heals.

If you stay out of the backseat, these skis will deliver any sort of turn you wish, at pretty much any rate of speed. In fact, the “any sort of turn” is what I believe makes the 99s so fun. Whether I was banging down through the moguls, trees, rocks, and stumps of Fred’s Trees while cranking quick slalom style turns; laying railroad tracks down West Rustler; or smearing GS turns down Lone Pine, the skis simply delivered. And this was true on fresh powder as well as firm snow.

They are snappy and energetic in tight spots yet stable enough to let you push the speed limit on any run. While a lot of people interested in the Wailer 99 probably won’t spend their day sessioning jump lines, if you are into that sort of thing, you are going to love the 99. Swing weight is basically nonexistent, and it actually takes a little getting used to that feeling in the air. But once you do, doors will be opened. I can’t wait to get the 99s upside down.” 


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