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The Wailer family of skis are the middle of your quiver: all-mountain, all season—maximum versatility. The models within, and their women’s counterparts, are among the most awarded skis in snow and outdoor media over the last five years. From the faithful daily driver in the Wailer 99, to the versatility and playfulness of the Wailer 112RP, to the new Wailer 106, the Wailer family of skis has you covered for the majority of your days.

 With the introduction of this year’s Foundation line, dedicated skiers have a full-build menu to choose from. Once you select your shape, you can match it with a series of cutting-edge constructions; each with their own distinctive and fine-tuned attributes. DPS reaches into every corner of a skier’s imagination when it comes to ski layup and design, spanning the spectrum from elite high-tech Pure aerospace prepreg carbon (Pure3), damp and powerful bamboo-carbon (Foundation), a distinct metal race-room feel (Hybrid T2), or super-lightweight ascent-descent focused touring skis (Tour1).